• Admissions open for session 2024-25.

Teaching Methodology

"We take great pride in taking raw talent and nurturing them into balanced- mature individuals."
DMPS takes great care in designing and implementing interactive teaching methodology to ensure holistic development of the child. The innovative and creative methodology used for teaching stimulates the learning potential in each child. We achieve this is a number of ways:

  • We have adopted a student-centric approach. The voice of the student is heard, respected and nurtured. As children of the ‘age of modern technology’, we lay emphasis on teaching them values and skills that will prove to be useful for their future life as professionals. They are empowered to be partly responsible for their own learning which is why creativity and innovation are emphasised upon during the learning process.
  • While learning, constant assessment and supervision is also important to shape the path of learning in the right manner. Therefore, each course of study is carefully planned and followed. Every possible effort is made to recognize the significant factors of academic pursuit : maturity, experience and enthusiasm to learn. Thus, the assessment by teachers is done via both formal and informal means.
  • Most importantly, we conduct academics-oriented “summer camps” for students to supplement their learning and those whose academic performance needs to be strengthened. A child is never made to feel inferior in any manner. The focus is on building healthy competition and not a rat race where children are pressurised to perform. In these summer camps, students are also given orientation for competitive exams such as NEET, IIT-JEE, CLAT and other university entrance examinations etc.
  • Our pedagogy is assisted by use of modern digital technology in our “interactive classrooms” with modern teaching aids/audio-visual equipment viz. Smart Boards, Television sets, Computers and LCD Projectors with latest software making teaching-learning an enjoyable experience. This smart system is also supplemented by our own ERP which keeps the teachers, students and their parents connected in the learning process.
  • DMPS emphasizes on participation of students in the learning process through discussions, brainstorming sessions in groups, presentations, project work and creative writing. This ensures that not only students listen but also understand the concepts that are taught in the classroom.