• Admissions open for session 2024-25.

Curriculum & Evaluation

The curriculum of school is strictly based on National Curriculum Framework, 2005 and National Education Policy, 2019 that envisions a new pedagogical structure aimed at learning without burden that makes studying joyful and moving beyond the textbooks. Keeping in line with this mandate, our focus is on providing high quality education with a holistic outlook that molds a responsible Indian citizen upholding highest ethical and democratic values in the society.

DMPS Curriculum is designed with an aim to develop the following:

  • Language proficiency
  • Scientific Temperament
  • Sense of aesthetics
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Digital Literacy
  • Knowledge of India & World Affairs

Curriculum design is framed keeping in view the needs & interest of learners at different stages of their development and is based on the 5+3+3+4 curricular structure that is unique for each stage in the child’s learning journey :

  • Pre-Primary – Grade I-II :

Rapid Brain Development, joyful learning and active discovery.

  • Grades III-V :

Transition to structural learning and build on play and discovery.

  • Grades VI-VIII :

Concepts in subject and intelligently navigating from the stage of adolescence.

  • Grades IX-XII:

Preparation of livelihood & higher education and transition into young adulthood.


Evaluation helps to build a robust education programme that is able to assess the achievements of its participants. By review the progress in learning from time to time, the efficacy of the teaching is tested. Such an assessment provides an opportunity for the academic community to reflect on its learning goals besides serving as an evidence of student’s performance for all the stakeholders in education.

Examination & Assessment @ DMPS

  • Pre-Nur.,Nursery and K.G.

No formal exams shall be conducted. Continuous evaluation shall be done throughout the year.

  • Classes I-V

Three assessments will be conducted

  • Classes VI-X

Assessment is based on CBSE Latest Guidelines. Assessment 1 and Assessment 3 is of 50 marks each and Assessment 2 and Assessment 4 consists of 80 marks each.

  • Class XI

Two Cycle tests, Half Yearly and Annual Exams are conducted wherein each test is of 50 marks, while Half Yearly and Annual Exams are of 100 marks each. For Final Assessment 25% of both the Cycle Tests + 25% of Half Yearly and 50% of Annual exam is considered.

  • Class XII

One Cycle Test, Half Yearly and one Pre board is conducted. Cycle Test is of 50 marks, while Half Yearly and Pre board are of 100 marks each.