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Computer Labs

Technology is ubiquitous, touching almost every part of human life. It has become imperative that students learn the latest technology to acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, technology driven and knowledge-based modern world. In addition, technology also makes learning more easy, accessible and effective. It equips the students with a variety of tools that match the task at hand and provide them the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of content.

With the aim of making our students adept at using technology to harness their full potential, the School has fully functional three computer labs for Junior, Middle and Senior classes. Computers and Internet access are available for students’ various uses: class assignments, research, Web Advisor, responsibly using social media and more.

In our computer labs, all the PCs are well equipped and IT education is provided to the students. These labs have become the hub of all intellectual and academic activities where students are encouraged to use and learn IT education.A wide variety of softwares is also available, including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and numerous others that support course work.

Some of the technology resources at School include:

  • Fully equipped computer labs (with power backup)
  • Smart boards in classrooms.
  • Resource room for the teachers to prepare material for their smart classes.
  • Students get hands-on experience with the latest technology and software.
  • LCD display screens are used for the demonstration which assist students to have a better comprehension of the concept.

Biology Lab

The study of biology provides students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the wonderful and diverse living world. In the biology lab a specimen of this diversity comes alive. The lab provides a platform to question, observe,collect sample and experience for the students. It is a fascinating arena for all the students where they get answers to so many questions that arise in their young minds. With the space to experiment in the lab, it stimulates their curiosity to newer dimensions.

Here students learn scientific skills and cross application of knowledge. Whether it's observation under a microscope or dissecting parts of a plant to understand its histology,the School biology lab is the center for experiential learning of concepts of the natural world for the students with inquisitiveness and inclination for science .

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory at DMPS is equipped with all the facilities to provide learners with sufficient conceptual background of the subject. Lab curriculum is designed to promote understanding of basic facts and concepts in chemistry while retaining the excitement of experiments. The lab facility makes students capable of understanding chemistry in academic and professional courses even at tertiary level so that they are able to meet the challenges of academics and professional courses after senior secondary stage. While doing experiments students are acquainted with different aspects of chemistry used in daily life as well.

To ensure that guidance and supervision is provided to each child, only upto 30 students are accommodated in the lab with their personally issued equipments. The infrastructure of the lab is fully capable of developing problem solving skills in students and apprises students with not only chemistry but other disciplines of science such as geology, physics and engineering etc. Through these labs, children keep up the fervour of scientific attitude alive and are motivated to try out hands-on activities, as the child learns more by doing than watching.

Learners are encouraged to develop small projects so that they are exposed to different processes used in industries and their technological applications. In fact, our School’s diligent student Ish Kapoor developed a process of extraction of lemon grass oil by simple distillation with the help of his teachers which was selected in INSPIRE AWARDS which was given by CBSE and National Institute of Innovative Technology in the session 2019-20.

Physics Lab

Physics laboratory is the place for social exploration and expansion of ideas,giving the scope of personal maturation and cognitive growth. The School is proud to have a well-equipped physics laboratory with the latest facilities that give the students an opportunity to demonstrate the implications of scientific theories and laws of physics. They are inspired to ask questions of nature and they learn to recognise the symmetries and diversities by developing powers of observation.With utmost commitment the teachers help students to understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments.

The laboratory is multifaceted for students to nurture their technical skills, fitted with all the bells and whistles including the flat topped tables used as student workstations. The wide array of equipments ranges from lenses, magnets, glass slabs, prisms, ammeter, voltmeter, galvanometer, resistance boxes, rheostat keys, batteries, beam balance, Young’s apparatus to the advanced apparatus like travelling microscope, metre bridge, potentiometer, optical benches, Tangent Galvanometer, solenoid, diode characteristics apparatus to name few .

Following the CBSE curriculum the lab provides the perfect environment to conduct all the experiments in all the domains under the guidance of qualified teachers and trained lab assistants. The experiments are carried out with intricate details which fascinates the young minds. The entire functioning is done as per standardized safety norms.

The goal of the laboratory is to engage each student in significant experiments with experimental processes, including some experimental designing investigations. It also aims to develop a broad area of basic skills and tools of experimental physics and data analysis.

Maths lab

Mathematics is an indispensable part of a pupil’s lives which deals with various concepts that find application in day to day life. In order to facilitate the children in comprehending some of the abstract concepts and to transform this fundamental subject into an interesting learning experience, the need for an interactive maths lab was imminent. The School is proud to set up the first mathematical lab in the area, when the concept was introduced by C.B.S.E in the year 2007.

It is the place where mathematical thoughts of young minds flourish and put into action with the help of various modern methods and tools like audio – visual aids, mathematical tools, etc.It has been designed by the teachers to develop analytical and logical thinking among students. Experienced faculty uses the lab to explain various concepts and impart a strong practical approach to enrich the learning experience of students.

It is well equipped with basic models, charts, mathematical kits, course books and reference books of all the classes. Children work in groups as well as on their own to discover various concepts and facts by themselves. They are encouraged to find alternative solutions and methods. The lab is also equipped with computers to use technology for learning and to connect Maths with other subjects thus developing interdisciplinary skills.

Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab provides an appropriate space and environment to test and conduct experiments which are an integral part of the study of psychology. Since time immemorial, psychologists have been researching on human behavior in the controlled settings and settled environment of psychology labs with great success. Incorporating research experience into the introductory psychology course as part of the school curriculum is a major recommendation from the report of the American Psychological Association.

The lab in School is used for the purposes of experimentation, testing, teaching and counselling. Lab and the activities therein aim to provide better understanding of the subjects’ theory and application to students.

Psychology lab helps the students and the teacher to work effectively. Students are able to carry out psychological investigations with various equipments like memory apparatus and conduct tests like Intelligence test, Aptitude test, Personality inventory and Adjustment inventory etc. Practical classes are allocated as per the CBSE guidelines and requirements, to give students ample time to work on various case studies and projects.Students are also trained for various psychological techniques like interviewing, observation, case studies and various other methodologies.