• Admissions open for session 2024-25.

Art and Craft

Art education is an important component of childhood development. Art is as important as any other core subject. It stimulates imagination and allows students to showcase their feelings,emotions and thoughts. The school offers a wide range of experience to our students through drawing, painting and craftwork that broadens their perspective and social approach. Art education develops creativity and problem solving skills, improves judgement and flourish their aesthetic sense.

Fine Arts

DMPS nurtures the artistic development of the students through Fine arts, offered as a subject to class XI and XII. It is an added opportunity for students to hone their skills to help them choose it as a profession in future.It focuses exclusively on success of the emerging successful fine artists. Our priority is quality, comprehensiveness and relevance of a fine arts education to develop and pursue an artistic vision that stimulates the creative mind to achieve one’s goals.

Clay Modelling

Clay modelling is the process of manipulating soft clay to create a three dimensional form which aids students to enrich their vision and enables them to appreciate and develop an aesthetic sensibility. It sharpens their observation skills, enhances their creativity, develops fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye-brain coordination. The school has a studio for clay modelling, providing children an atmosphere to think freely and give their imagination definite shapes.

Wood Craft

DMPS offers accelerated woodworking classes with an intensive hands-on learning experience. These classes focus on the finest woodworking techniques taught by the proficient instructor in a fun and friendly environment. The school has a woodcraft studio where students learn and master a variety of woodworking skills as well as ways to use different tools.The inspiring environment fosters the mental resilience and individualistic responsibility in the students.