DMPS – Work is Worship



We are a school which specialises in all boy’s boarding education for pupils aged 7-18 children from every state each year are a part of the boarding family. We have students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the subcontinent.It provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives the students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills. With small class sizes, full time wardens,dorm incharges and a project based educational approach, students in the boarding can elevate their knowledge into a lifelong pursuit of learning. 

At an intersection of personal discovery and panel education, we welcome you to explore all DMPS has to offer and learn more about what makes us the birthplace for the leaders of tomorrow.Beyond the classroom our students in the boarding school has access to countless avenues to explore new interests be in sports,art,music and dance.

Boys are housed in commodious dormitories. It has its own hobby, meals and study times. The modern and fully air-conditioned facilities cater to students belonging to far-off areas that wish to pursue their studies in the vicinity of the national capital of the country. 

The boarders are well looked after and personally guided by trained and qualified staff members under the direct supervision of the Principal. Special care is taken to provide nutritious meals and refreshments. The hostel is where the boarding students grow up in an atmosphere that is  just like a home away from home.Post school remedial classes by well qualified teachers keeps the boarders involved and help them to organise their studies appropriately under the professional guidance.

Wake up time5:30 am
Fall in & Saraswati Vandana6:30 am
Breakfast6:40 am
School timing7:00 am -1 pm
Short Recess10:05 am-10:20 am
Lunch1:15 pm -1:45 pm
Leisure time1:45 pm -2:15 pm
Afternoon Prep. Classes2:15pm-4:00 pm
Sports & Games4:15pm -5:45 pm
Refreshment5:45pm-6:00 pm
Changing time6:00 pm -6:45 pm
Fall in & Evening Prayer6:45 pm -7:00 pm
Evening Prep. Classes7:00 pm -8:30 pm
Dinner8:30 pm -9:00 pm
Self Study9:30 pm -11:00 pm
Lights off11:00 pm